Company Profile

A. History

Having a background of providing third-party service on x-ray equipment of various manufacturers, which starts at year 1982, the first form of this company (then called “Roentgen Medical”) was established in Athens – Greece in the year 1993. At that time, the company begun importing from Europe (mainly Germany and Belgium) pre-owned x-ray equipment, refurbishing and selling them in the Greek market, providing installation and service support for them.

As the installed base of equipment grew larger, the company was re-formed, by increasing its capital and members, to “Medical Vision Limited” in the year 1997. Since then, the company expanded its activities to importing more types of equipment (such as CT scanners, Angiography catheterization labs, Mammography units, Bone Densitometers and Ultrasound equipment) and providing -as always- the technical support for them to its customers.

At the moment, the company employs on a permanent basis three persons, and is using more than ten specialized engineers on a freelance basis, as well as three sub-contractors for site preparation and radiation protection of the installation sites.

We are now refurbishing equipment and supplying other companies in Greece with ready-to-be-installed units and our technical support on occasion.

Since year 2003 we are offering to the Greek market new equipment as well, after having established a co-operation with leading European and American manufacturing companies.

B. Goal

Our company’s goal is to provide our customers with reliable and affordable imaging equipment, as well as complete support on service and spare parts for them.

For this reason we have created a very large spare parts inventory by purchasing numerous complete working units and keeping them in stock solely for parts. We can now support our complete installed base of units with spare parts and supply other companies as well.

We offer complete turn-key solutions to our customers, providing them with site planning, installation, application training and technical support for imaging equipment.

We are able to cover our customers service needs with a 16-hours-per-day/365-days-per-year service support.

C. Installed Base

The installed base of equipment at the moment covers more than 150 customers, all over Greece, which includes private clinics, diagnostic centers, radiologists, veterinarian clinics and doctors, dentists etc.